Hi, I'm Lex (short for Alexis)! Currently nestled in the eclectic neighborhood of East Nashville with my German Shepherd, Marley, is where my blogging journey begins. 

In 2013, I watched Brené Brown's TEDxTalk "The Power of Vulnerability" for the first time and her words of truth shook me to the core. "Let yourself be seen... Really seen." That was the moment, then and there, that I decided to stop living to try to please other people and started living with authenticity. Living for other people's approval is emotionally wrecking. Before you know it, you've convinced yourself you're not pretty enough, not smart enough, not thin enough, that you as a whole being are... not enough. 

As a newfound commitment to myself, I decided to start living with my whole heart, leaning into the vulnerability, and healing myself little by little each day. It started with meditation, then yoga. These things helped me become truly in tune with myself... mind, body, and spirit. I quickly realized that the energy I spent caring for myself on the inside started to transform into visible happiness and health. Since then, my entire mental shift has been pivoted towards self-care and being the best version of "me" for myself and no one else. 

You probably came to this About page because you wanted to hear some basics about me, huh? If you're looking for just another fashion or beauty blog, you've come to the wrong place. I'm a dairy-free pescatarian, I believe essential oils are magical, and in a perfect world I'd know how to do a DJ mashup of The Beatles and Beyoncé. Because yes, here come the sun (it's alright) and girls really do run the world. 

My goal in writing this blog is that my readers will find a kindred spirit in me, or build a community where we can find it in each other. I want them to be inspired to live fearlessly with self-love and to let themselves be seen... to live from within.